Sookie Sapperstein (charmed_1m_sure) wrote in mfa,
Sookie Sapperstein

MFA - Photography question

Just joined this community. My background: I am currently in a Masters program studying two fields which have absolutely nothing to do with photography.

I'm now rethinking my current program status. Basically if I could do college over again I would have majored in photography and I kick myself everyday for not taking advantage of the opportunities when I had the chance (I went to a school that was next to RISD!). This being said, if I only dabbled in photography (I took a course or two as an undergraduate) what would the steps be that I would need to take in order to prepare to even apply for a MFA program? Would I need to take time and take introductory courses again? I assume a current portfolio would also be required?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. Icon is not me but I thought was appropriate.
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