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Silence is torturous

Since I can't bear silence, I'm banging a gong here.

As a snooty MFA holder (mother fuckin' A!), I am twitchified by all the bad writing floating around. An MFA is no guarantee, but we tend to be a little more serious about critique, editing, and general development of our mad skills. Hope I'm not wrong about that...

FYI: I am a Minneapolis-dweller, former New Yorker...left sick of rents skyrocketing and living with low-grade fear ever since the buildings came down. Minneapolis has less stuff to bomb. Pa-pa-paranoia.

I write poetry and essays and endless letters to the editor because I am a furious girl, ever-angry, but generally write poetry that's dark humor/political/familial.

So there's me. In a nutshell.
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